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May 6, 2019
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MT Health

Morris Technology Health Updates

For those customers who want to focus on their core competencies, reduce head count costs, and outsource the managing of technology to a company focused on getting you the the most cost effective, highly scalable systems, our Morris Technology Engineering and Support Services (ESS) team has a series of services for you. These include:

  • Superior technical support
  • SaaS hosted model for 3rd party software. These systems include software used by Circulation, Advertising, and Accounting Systems.
  • Backup systems inside your network and on all of our Managed SaaS Cloud products
  • Managed Email hosting
  • Synchronous and asynchronous training via our extensive online Learning Management System (LMS) at mTech-U
  • Network hardware and configuration
  • Infrastructure management
  • Very cost effective hardware and software purchasing and configuration
  • Ability to do remote management of every IP based device inside your network
  • VoIP telephony solutions and services
  • User management within the domain
  • Consulting
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Morris Technology has been in the managed services business since its inception, helping our customers focus on their core competencies while we do the heavy lifting on their application and server needs with Managed SaaS Cloud based solutions. These SaaS (Software as a Service) solutions are quite simply the ability for the applications to be hosted securely and remotely with redundancy and backups on two different coasts, in two different highly scalable datacenters, and all of this built into the architecture so you never have to worry about your data being available 24/7.

Morris Technology’s Managed SaaS Cloud solutions allow our customers an ability to log into the applications from anywhere on the planet with an internet connection, and do so securely. Our datacenters meet stringent SAS70 certification, as well as HIPAA § 164.306 Security standards and § 164.308 Administrative safeguards for healthcare, not to mention meet all the PCI compliance regulation for online financial transactions. Further, everything from our firewalls to our dynamic, high availability load balancers, to the clusters of servers per each of the applications, ensure that both you and your customers will have the five 9s of up time.

With Morris Technology’s Managed SaaS Cloud, scaling your business is effortless as the applications can easily handle both a volume of traffic from your teams using the applications, AND your customers coming at the applications in the millions. We provide a Managed SaaS Cloud that reduces your total cost of ownership and minimizes your headcount related to technology , allowing your teams to focus on the revenue side of the business with the best solutions availed. These include everything from our CONSTRUCTOR Web Platform with drag and drop functionality for both wired and mobile WEB, to our Advertising/Classified Account Scout hosted model that can be run on desktops, laptops, or Windows tablets, to our hosted email solutions, as well as managing domain controllers, edge routers, and a multitude of other IP based devices. In total, Morris Technology provides a complete arrive and drive for all of your Managed SaaS Cloud needs!